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Why I Need it ?

Having Pest Control Service at your Home or Business Means "Peace of Mind" A benefit from a pest inspection service is the peace of mind you have as a Home or Business Owner. By getting an inspection done and having pests eliminated you can rest easy at night knowing that your Home or Business is safe and free of these threats.
Owning a Home or Business can be a blessing or a burden. This depending on how you take care of the problems you encounter. Making sure you hire a pest inspection professional can make a world of difference in your quality of life. We are an experienced company in dealing with all types of threats. We are confident that we can help solve any pest, rodent or insect problem you may be having.
It’s important to take care of an infestation when you first notice the initial signs. Waiting can be a huge mistake because infestations typically get worse over time, and the worse they get, the more danger they are to your health. It’s always best and easiest to take care of an infestation while it’s still small instead of waiting until it gets way out of hand. In Lalo Exterminating we take pest control issues very seriously, and our number one priority is keeping you and your family safe.
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Hazards of Having Pests in Your Home

Having to deal with pests can make your home feel uncomfortable and dirty. Unfortunately, having bugs in your home can also lead to several different health risks for your family if you have a severe infestation. . .

Effects pests can have on your home:

Researchers from North Carolina State University visited 50 homes in the Raleigh area to research the biodiversity of insects in U.S. homes. They found that we could share our homes with over 500 different kinds of spiders, mites, and centipedes! In addition to insects, rodents and other mammals could find their way into your walls and basement. These critters pose the following threats to the stability of your home:

➻  According to the National Pest Management Association, termites and other insects cause over $5 billion in damage to homes in the United States every year. Many homeowner’s insurance policies won’t cover the cost of these damages, so regular inspections are recommended.

➻  Rats and mice damage insulation and wiring in walls and attics as they build their nests. Similarly, squirrels have been known to chew holes in soffits and siding to gain access to attics. A common theory is that rats, mice, and squirrels are to blame for many of the nation’s mysterious house fires.

➻  There are specific times of year that infestations are likely to affect your home: April is for ants, May is for moths, June is woodworm month, July is for flying ants, August is wasp month, and rodents make their appearance in October and November.

Effects pests can have on your health:

While these pests can destroy parts of your home, they can also pose serious health threats. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in conjunction with federal pesticide law, has listed and described the threats that certain domestic pests pose, and what health issues are prevented by controlling these pest populations. These threats include the following for each pest population:

➻  All pests leave behind fecal matter and shed skin that can go airborne and contaminate the air you and your family breathe.

➻  Common pests such as cockroaches and mosquitoes spread asthma, allergy, and food contamination illnesses. Other insects can easily slip through cracks in the walls and bring in their bacteria.

➻  Rodents are particularly harmful, in that they contaminate the areas in which they search for food. Mice dribble urine as they scurry around your home, meaning they are constantly spreading diseases they could be carrying. Examples of diseases found in household mice and other rodents include: salmonella, E. coli, and Lyme Disease.

About Us

We are a family owned company with many years of experience serving the North Jersey area but willing to go anywhere in New Jersey. We are a Small company and because of that we take our time during inspections and treatments. We help and guide our customers how to prevent a re-infestation is also a significant part of a good pest control service.


We take the time to let you know everything you can do to ensure that the problem stays solved, we follow the same general set of procedures whether the problem is roaches, ants, bedbugs, or mice, we have to eradicate the problem, we have to make sure the problem stays solved, and we have to work with our clients to educate them enough to avoid future problems.

Doing our job correctly involves keeping up the latest techniques and developments in re-mediating a bad insect or rodent problem. Most people do not understand that unlike humans, insects can evolve in weeks, and sometimes even days.

Treatments change rapidly, and a great pest control company needs to stay on top of the latest tools to be effective. And, in each case, there are follow-up procedures to ensure a problem is solved for real, and stays solved in the long term.

How can we be so confident in our abilities?
By using state of the art equipmen, quality pesticides, and being thoroughly trained! We are committed to continuing education, and as such are able to continuously adopt new and innovative methods and technologies to provide the best possible service to all our clients. We will inspect and terat your home or business inside and out to eliminate existing infestations.


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